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I had the same problem, using electric, and I finally solved it, I can't tell exactly how, but I'll tell you the steps I followed

1- Remove everything in folder CMakeList and file CMakeCache.txt 2- If you called on the that package "make eclipse-project", then remove .cprojet and .project files 3- My dependancy in manifest.xml is as follows: <depend package="roslib"/> <depend package="roscpp"/> <depend package="std_msgs"/> <depend package="eigen"/> <depend package="pcl"/> <depend package="pcl_ros"/> <depend package="geometry_msgs"/> <depend package="sensor_msgs"/> and yes I know there are some redundancies, but maybe this is what helped in my case

4- After that call the following inside your package: rosmake --pre-clean --rosdep-install

5- Finally call: cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" 6- Then import the project into eclipse. In my case it worked

Good luck