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I kind of understand the problem the laser_scan_matcher publishes the odom to base_footprint and stageros does also.

That would create a problem, yes. Only one node should be publishing that transform. I'm not familiar with how stageros works, but if it's publishing the odom->base_link transform, you need to disable that.

laser scan matcher needs the inicial transform.

That shouldn't be the case. The only tf that laser_scan_matcher requires is base_link -> laser. That can be published by a static tf publisher, or by stage.

laser_scan_matcher is intended as a replacement for odometry, for robots without odom sensors. If your robot already has an odometry sensor, then you can provide its measurements as an optional input to laser_scan_matcher, and the scan matcher will refine them. The odom sensor's measurements would need to be published on a topic (not as a tf). I would get the base case working first though (no odometry) and then attempt this case.

Could you describe your use case in a little more detail? You are working with simulated data? What sensors does the robot have?

Also, attaching the console output would be helpful, so we can see what warnings/errors you are getting.