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the best way to start is to do the tutorials linked on the wiki page for the KnowRob stack:

Updating knowledge is of course possible -- the exact way depends on which kinds of knowledge you would like to add. You can always manipulate the Prolog statements directly using rdf_assert/rdf_retract (doc:

For some often-used things like object poses, there are more convenient methods (have a look at the module comp_cop for predicates for setting object poses or for creating object instances).

cheers Moritz

P.S. We are currently working on refactoring the stack towards a set of re-usable library components, having better methods for adding, updating and exporting information. They are documented in the source code, but not yet on the wiki page, and we have not yet released them to the public. If you are working more actively with KnowRob, we can make them public or give you access to the internal repository.