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LSE communication is currently not available as a Debian binary release.

You will have to install it manually via version control.

You can do this one of two ways, a rosinstall file, like this:

 - svn:
     local-name: lse-sensor-network

And then simply do a rosinstall

rosinstall ~/devel/ros /opt/ros/electric ~/Downloads/automow.rosinstall

And then source the generated file, for bash, this would be:

source ~/devel/ros/setup.bash

You can also add this to your ~/.bashrc file.

Your other option is to actually check it out in your ROS directory:

cd /opt/ros/electric/stacks/
svn co isr-uc-ros-pkg
rosmake -i lse_communication

You may have to perform some of these actions with sudo, and the -i flag to rosmake will mark the packages as built, so you won't have to rebuild them again (making it easier to work with user priviledges).