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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, @william.

3.0.1270 is certainly newer than 2.0.1150, which is when the change happened. For some reason the version detection at is not working.

I know nothing about OSX, but there must be some sort of pkgconfig file that is SUPPOSED to be setting the version number. I think the easiest way to find out what version the system is reporting is to add the following command between if (ASSIMP_FOUND) and if (NOT ${ASSIMP_VERSION} VERSION_LESS "2.0.1150"):


in the CMakeLists.txt for geometric_shapes. Re-run the build (which will still fail) but let me know what cmake outputs after ASSIMP_VERSION:. If you can find it, It might also be helpful to see the assimp.pc file that was installed by the system.