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Problem 1 is not a problem, it is normal. The path variable applies to all applications not just ROS so it points to the typical Linux directories.

Problem 2 doesn't seem like a problem either. Binary files are executable machine code. You aren't expected to look at them with a text editor. You would need a debugger or disassembler to make any sense of them.

3 - I assume the "Problems" heading you mention is actually "Console" window? Make sure the missing path actually exists then Go to Project/Properties and add the missing include path. It should have been included when you imported the project after doing the make project-eclipse, if your original version of the talker/listener was successfully compiling/running from the command line development steps in the tutorial.

Problem 4 is simple when you know how (but not when you don't). If the file has not been edited since the last successful compile, the Project/Build Project option is greyed out. Go to the source file, enter a single space somewhere and try again.