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Thanks guys for your responses.

I am working on simulation of a car-like robot with Ackermann steering. The end goals are to make the robot do basic tasks like navigation (using laser sensors), object detection using a camera sensor and maybe even VSLAM later on. The simulation effort is of course to speed up the dev and debugging process.

Having said that, I already have a simulation running in Stage which simulates the navigation, and right now I am trying out usage of the visual sensors.

@Eric: I checked out the camera sensor usage in Gazebo as you suggested, but simulating a robot from scratch in Gazebo, as compared to simulating a robot in Stage seems like a much more difficult task (as it does an accurate simulation of the robot dynamics). Could you suggest a link/doc as a head-start ? (Most of the tutorials I find are about using a built-in simulation)

@BM: Thats a useful suggestion. I'll try that out.

Thanks, Sagnik