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I took me a bit longer to get this done and documented than I thought it would, but as promised, here is the tutorial and files for how to do basic robot speech recognition based on pocketsphinx. It also includes a handy wav file player based on sfml and derived from Garratt Gallagher's kinect piano playing code. The wav/audio player can also be used separately from the speech recognition code as a convenient and dependable way to play audio files. Instead of uploading the tutorial here, I have created a google.code page. You will find the code samples under the downloads page and the tutorial details on the wiki page. The link to the tutorial home is at...

If anyone creates some great new code derived from this and extends or improves this work, please create a google.code site of your own (very easy) and post the link to your work and code samples here so others can benefit from it as well. Best Regards, -Scott