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You're going to need to do some soldering but it's fairly straightforward. However it sounds like you should try and get someone to give you a hand as you definitely don't want to wreck either your Kinect, the battery, or yourself.

I can offer up as proof of concept though the Kinect-on-quadrotor work that I did (see this page). In my work, the Kinect is connected directly to a (nominally) 12V 8000 mAh LiPo battery, in parallel with the quadrotor's power leads. It works great, no voltage regulation was needed. YMMV though, especially using a different type of battery.

I recall seeing some pinout information, probably on the OpenKinect wiki, take a look there and you might want to try their mailing list as well--your question is not specific to ROS after all.

Good luck!