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For my personal robot, I keep my code in a git repository, and use multiple git remotes to synchronize code between my laptop and my robot, and compile my code on the robot itself.

On my laptop, my git repository has one remote repository, origin, that points to my project on github.

On my robot, I have two git remotes: origin points to my project on github, and laptop points to the git repository on my laptop.

When I'm home and my robot is attached to the internet, I can push and pull to github normally. When I'm in the field and don't have internet access, I can make changes on my laptop, and then pull those changes to my robot.

Note that when you're using a working checkout as a git repository, you can't do pushes to that repository; you can only pull from it.

It sounds like you have a secondary problem here, which is that the binaries that are compiled on your laptop don't run on your robot. My best guess here is that the architecture on your laptop doesn't match your robot. In my case, my laptop is a x86 and my robot is ARM-based, so I have to sync my source code and recompile it on my robot.