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The path you are seeing is indeed the path that comes from the planner. But there's an extra step that move_arm goes through of filtering the trajectory using a spline_shortcutting method that tries to find ways to make the path shorter while also assigning reasonable velocities when it can. This can change the trajectory quite a bit. If you want to see the path that move_arm will actually be sending to be executed you'll need to change the code a bit. Overlay arm_navigation. In whatever version of the code you are running find the line:

visualizePlan(current_trajectory_); //move_arm_simple_action.cpp:1361 in unstable.

Comment this line out, and then copy it an add it after the line:

current_trajectory_ = filtered_trajectory; //move_arm_simple_action.cpp:1422 in unstable visualizePlan(current_trajectory_); // copied from 1361

The trajectory you see in rviz will now be the actual one getting passed to the controller. I expect it will look much more like the executed trajectory.