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I'm not sure what the site admin folks think about this, but I'll share my thoughts. should serve as the first place to come for a question if a Google search (or search) doesn't turn up the results that you are looking for. It serves as a place for some generalized, common questions that would apply to more than one person. The idea is that this site can cache knowledge in a format that is less formal than a wiki, but still searchable and sortable. I believe that the ROS mailing list should probably be reserved for in-depth (and specific) technical troubleshooting questions (that may often only apply to one situation) and development questions.

The idea is that an FAQ site like this should serve up just that, frequently asked questions.

I think that some of the common questions asked on the stack-specific mailing lists may also end up on this site as well, as a central repository of frequent ROS questions.

From most generic to most specific:

  1. Google Search/ search for support
  2. Ask a question on
  3. More specific technical troubleshooting and questions on ros-users
  4. Overall architecture and design on ros-devel