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The rosjava implementation used in the android sensors app is broken and is not properly embedding the message definitions in the message stream. rosbag then doesn't know how what a std_msgs message type is inside the bagfile. UGH!

My work around was to play the messages with 'rosbag play /android/imu' and then echo the messages to a text file with 'rostopic echo /android/imu > imu.txt'. rostopic doesn't use the message type information located withing the topic stream, but rather uses the compiled libraries, so this works.

Then I convert the text file to a csv file with this ugly shinanigans:


cp $1 a

tr -d "[a-z:_/ ,]" < a > b
sed 's/' b > a
tr  -s "\n" "," < a > b
sed 's/,---,/#/g' b > a
tr  "#" "\n" < a > b
sed 's/^,//g' b > a

cp a $2
rm a b

Save it as a script and run it with './script.bash imu.txt imu.csv' to convert imu.txt to a csv file.