Spawn and control second arm using OpenManipulator and MoveIt

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I am currently working on a project where I spawn and control 2 arms independently in the same scene for a robot. I am going off of the OpenManipulator documentation/tutorials and using MoveIt to control their default arm, from this link:


So the idea is that, in a few different terminals, I am running the following commands to spawn a gazebo and rviz instance that are tied together, and I am able to use the provided GUI to manipulate a single arm or use code.

$ roslaunch open_manipulator_gazebo open_manipulator_gazebo.launch (spawns gazebo and robot arm with basic topics/nodes)

$ roslaunch open_manipulator_controller open_manipulator_controller.launch use_platform:=false (spawns rvis, with the same arm, and creates moveit controllers for the arm. I also modified this launch file to turn moveit to true)

$ roslaunch open_manipulator_control_gui open_manipulator_control_gui.launch (spawns provided gui)

I want to manipulate the launch files somehow to spawn a second arm that I can manipulate independently the same way I can control the first arm. I am finding no luck so far, and I am still working on the gazebo one. Not sure how I will go about the controller one that spawns rviz.

I manipulated the gazebo launch file as follows and was able to get 2 arms to show up, but not getting the topics or services to group separately or have their own unique names, or even spawn.


open_manipulator_controller.launch (the one in the open_manipulator_gazebo package, not open_manipulator_controller package. this one is called by the above launch file)

This is where the original source code is from so you can compare it to the original launch files:

Any help would be appreciated. Since this is my first time posting, and I am quite new to ROS, forgive me if I overlooked something simple or made a mistake in the post formatting. If I left out any important information let me know and I'll be happy to provide it.

Thank you for your time


Alfred Shaker

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